Best of fringe Magic At the Adelaide Magic Theatre Adelaide Fringe 2024


Experience the BEST close-up magic of the Adelaide Fringe 2024 hosted by the award-winning Magician Sam King. Witness the festival’s finest close-up magicians perform mind-blowing tricks in an intimate setting. Enjoy the mesmerizing fusion of comedy and magic unfolding right before your eyes. Book your tickets before they vanish!

The Magic Eye with Stuart Lightbody AT the adelaide magic theatre Adelaide Fringe 2024

The Magic Eye with Stuart Lightbody

Is the hand really faster than the eye? South African Magic Champion Stuart Lightbody shares his mind-blowing visual magic that must be seen to be believed. It’s pure close-up magic in an intimate venue. From the winner of the Creative Award (Prague Fringe Festival, 2014), the Theatre Award (FRINGE WORLD Festival, 2018), and the Spirit of the Fringe Ovation Award (South African National Arts Festival, 2019).

LJ Working Class Magician at adelaide fringe 2024

Working Class Magician

With over a decade of wizarding experience, LJ is coming to the Adelaide Fringe Festival with a show that’s nothing short of magical mayhem! In Working Class Magician, LJ masterfully blurs the line between the ordinary and the extraordinary, turning mundane objects into sources of amazement. From office supplies to your own belongings, no item is safe from his mystical mischief.

You’ll witness some of his signature acts, reimagined with a fresh twist, as well as brand new, never-before-seen routines that will leave you in stitches. Don’t miss Australia’s own Working Class Magician, grab your tickets now, 3 shows only!

Secrets Not Worth Knowing at the adelaide magic theatre during adelaide fringe 2024

Secrets Not Worth Knowing

Enjoy a night of thrilling, contemporary magic presented by debut Fringe artists Clement Kwok and Aby Thomas. 

Rob Ellinger performing HYPONS at the adelaide magic theatre at adelaide fringe 2024


Experience a unique fusion of hypnosis and magic. Every mystery takes you deeper and deeper into a profoundly enjoyable trance state. Each moment in hypnosis makes the magic more incredible. Be entertained. Be captivated. Be entranced. 

Sam King Tricks and More Stuff at adelaide Fringe 2024

Sam King : Tricks & MORE Stuff

Are you a fan of magic, comedy, and becoming part of the act? If so, you’re in for a treat with ‘Tricks and MORE Stuff,’ the latest creation from Sam King, the magician and comedian known for his unique brand of absurdity. This intimate, 30-seat show is your chance to experience the magic and hilarity up close.

Sam King, the recipient of the prestigious “Best Magic” award in 2022 and the coveted “One to Watch” award at the Adelaide Fringe 2024, stands out as one of the most talented and original performers in the world of magic. Secure your tickets now and discover firsthand why he’s the talk of the town!